About Us

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Why Choose Us?

A One-stop-shop assortment for almost all non-food retailing product groups
20.000 professionally styled products with about 200 new products added each month
Ongoing product development and sourcing for the latest designs and trends
Tailor made packaging designs or pre-packed BRAND LINES - it is all possible
Competitive price because of our huge buying power
Mixed shipments to all parts of the world
A highly professional team of designers, purchasers, sales consultants, shippers
and QC people are there to assist you with any other request - just ask us!

Some Facts

over 300 employees all over europe dedicated to make sure you are well looked after
Professional team of people working towards your needs and demands
Combined we have more than 45 years of "China experience" in business and otherwise
Built up a large supplier network over the years with excellent relationships making for smooth business
We carry out shipments to over 50 countries, but all destinations can be explored Shipped over 22 000 containers a year
We ship large volume of products worldwide yearly

Our products

  • Christmas 2021,now available...
  • Kinzo, lifetime tools massive tools collection
  • Toys, inflatable, wooden toys, party, toddler
  • Sport soccer, tennis, supporter articles...
  • Textile pillow, blankets, shoes ...

Our Organization

Our Team


Managing Director

Betty Huang

Sr. Key Account Manager

Luna Liu

Key Account Manager

Kandy Yang

Key Account Manager

Shan Song

Key Account Manager

Alisa Xie

Accounting Supervisor

Lily Xu

Logistics Supervisor

Yang Luo

Finance Manager

Leo Liang

QA Supervisor

Frank Wu

China Market Manager

Alex Colin Shepherd

Homeok Project Manager

Eagle Quan

Factory Audit Manager

Mia Chen

HR Supervisor