Intra Industry is a mega assortment wholesale & retail product supplier based in Shenzhen China that offers a one-stop-shop concept for importers and retailers around the world. The company has it roots in both China and Europe. The company was founded as a cooperation between ATR Industries (, a very successful 15 year old Import,Export organization from China and the Dutch company EDCO ( which was established in 1978 and has since then carved out a unique position as a multi level, multi assortment supplier in the European market with over 20,000 active items.

300+ employees in Europe
60+ employees in China
Combined we have more than 45 years of "China experience"
We have built over 2000 factory and supplier relationships
We carry out shipments to over 50 countries
We shipped over 22,000 containers in 2011

A One-stop-shop assortment for almost all non-food retailing product groups
20.000 professionally styled products with about 200 new ones added each month
Ongoing product development and sourcing for the latest designs and trends
Tailor made packaging designs or pre-packed BRAND LINES - it is all possible
Best prices are guaranteed because of our huge volume buying power
Mixed shipments to all parts of the world
A highly professional team of designers, purchasers, sales consultants, shippers and QC people are there to assist you with any other request - just ask us!

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Grundig Electronic

Duracell Torch & bulb

Goodyear Car Accessories

Car & Truck Accessories

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Home Decoration

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Lifetime Cars

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